Who is Boxy Girl?

By: Silva Emerian

Have you ever sat in a café, a restaurant, a classroom, or a living room and suddenly felt the need to look up because you felt a force enter the room? Have you ever seen a woman walk into a space and completely own it? That woman is a Boxy Girl®.


Have you known a woman who experienced tragedy and came out stronger? Have you known someone who felt the sting of death, the pain of divorce, the scars of a personal or professional battle – but is still standing? That woman is a Boxy Girl®.


Is there a woman in your life who is strong, stylish, confident and sexy? A woman who exudes beauty not just from the outside, but from her inner strength and peace? A woman who surrounds herself with people and things that bring her joy? A woman who radiates kindness with a smile? That woman is a Boxy Girl®.


Do you know a woman who wasn’t afraid to chase her dreams? Someone who meets every challenge head-on and refuses to let any obstacle stand in her way? Perhaps she went back to school after raising her children. Perhaps she is volunteering at a hospital or a women’s shelter and serving others. Perhaps she is an entrepreneur. That woman is a Boxy Girl®.


Maybe you know a woman like this. Or maybe she is you.


Be a Boxy Girl®.

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