Boxy First and Last

By: Silva Emerian

There are many ways to organize your cosmetics. You can use any variety of pouches, bins or trays to keep your makeup arranged neatly. Or, if you’re not so tidy, you can throw everything into a drawer or box and hope you can find what you need when you need it!


While each type of organizer has its own strengths, they all share a common weakness: at some point, you will have to replace them. Pouches or travel bags get dirty over time. They can tear and the zipper eventually breaks. Plastic containers crack or break apart; they can also stain. Even acrylic organizers that are pieced together will crack or the glue will discolor.


None of these items are built to last.

Eventually, your organizer will need to be replaced. This can get costly over time, and is an inconvenience. But there is a solution to this problem: Boxy Girl®.


Boxy Girl® is the only organizer you will need, because it is designed with your every need in mind. It is modern luxury that is as beautiful as it is practical. It is a sturdy organizer made of 13 pounds of Lucite® acrylic. Made with a single-injection mold process, it is crystal clear without any glue to peel or discolor over time. It is sturdy and easy to clean.


Boxy Girl® is also made to meet your every need. It comes with four stackable trays that can fit so many items you’ll only need one! But if you have extra items to store, you can order additional trays to collect your essentials. The trays can be stacked vertically or horizontally to give you flexibility in practicality and design. Boxy Girl® works for you! The lid is removable and offers the option of storing items standing up for more space and visual impact.


Boxy Girl® is elegant and sexy. It beautifies every space. But it is also the smartest way to organize your cosmetics or jewels. It offers so many possibilities and can be tailored to your individual needs. It is affordable luxury, and it is built to last.


Boxy Girl® will be the last cosmetic organizer you will ever need. Order your Boxy Girl® today!

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