The Boxy Girl® brand started when founder Hannah Serimian was looking for makeup and jewelry storage for herself and her daughters. She discovered not only a lack of options, but also that the existing organizers were unattractive and poor quality. Hannah set out to create her own product that was completely unique while mindfully maintaining the highest regard for quality and aesthetic for her brand. The products that started as a hometown phenomenon can now be found around the United States: from studio trailers in Hollywood to bathroom vanities in New York. Get the Full Story

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Four Stack

$ 249.00 $ 124.00

Half Brush Stack

$ 39.00 $ 29.00

Double Stack

$ 126.00 $ 63.00

Everything Stack

$ 49.00 $ 36.00

Brush Stack

$ 49.00 $ 36.00

Half Lip Stack

$ 39.00 $ 29.00


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