The Boxy Girl Story

By: Silva Emerian

She sat on my couch while our kids played Legos on the carpet. Still in her workout clothes, she was glowing with excitement. She couldn’t wait to share with me her amazing news, her labor of love. This amazing woman, Hannah Serimian – my friend, a wife, a mother, a student – was now adding Entrepreneur to her list. 

It all started while watching a TV show. Hannah glimpsed an acrylic makeup organizer in the star’s room. She wanted it, researched it, found it and ordered one for herself. What she got left her sorely disappointed. Not only was it extremely expensive, it was poorly constructed and soon cracked and became discolored. She knew she could do better.


Determined to create a high-quality product, she worked with her father Dan to design a beautiful, practical and durable product for a much lower price point than the other option on the market. After endless hours of collaboration with her father, years of dedication and 20 prototypes later, her vision became a reality.


Boxy Girl® is a modern, elegant, exceptionally crafted acrylic organizer. It incorporates Hannah’s background in art and antiques as well as her natural flair for beauty and style. It is built with top-of-the-line Lucite® material and a single mold injection process. Boxy Girl is literally 13 pounds of Lucite®!


The stackable trays are stylish yet practical. The nesting trays can be stacked vertically or side-by-side to organize anything from makeup to jewelry to office supplies. It’s versatile and customizable, with lid or without, removable dividers and you can add-on trays. The possibilities are endless. This box is sturdy and gorgeous!


Hannah had a vision and made it a reality. She is the ultimate Boxy Girl® – confident, sassy and creative. She’s a true original, and so are you.

Are you ready to get Boxy?

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