I’m a Boxy Girl

 By: Silva Emerian

It was like Christmas in July.

I opened the box with the chic girl on it, and pulled out the most beautiful Lucite organizer. It was heavy, and I knew I had a durable product in my hands. And it was so, so pretty.


But before I could set it up, I had to clean off my bathroom countertop and sort out the drawer below. What kind of fashionista has her products in a cup hidden behind a towel? What type of beauty-lover keeps her makeup piled in dirty drawer tins? Not me – not anymore.

Setting my Boxy Girl® on the counter immediately glammed up the gray tile and silver fixtures. The lights above the mirror shined through the acrylic trays and I couldn’t wait to fill them up. My boring bathroom instantly felt like a gorgeous dressing room, making me feel more elegant in turn.

I love how versatile Boxy Girl® is. As I was filling it with makeup, brushes, skin products, and hair tools, I was able to pull the stacks apart, decide whether or not to use the dividers, and be creative with how to display it. I considered stacking two sets of trays side by side, but decided to have mercy on my husband and went with one four-tray stack.


It’s really beautiful. All of my products are now stylishly displayed in one location, and I can see everything! In the process of setting up my Boxy Girl® I threw out lots of old makeup that was hidden underneath piles of lipsticks or shoved to the dark crevices in the back of the drawer. Now everything I need is in plain sight and at my fingertips. What a practical tool to make getting ready easy and fun!

I actually look forward to my morning routine now, and I can get dolled up to go out feeling luxe before I even step out the door. My bathroom counter looks beautiful and organized, and that makes me feel so at peace. And I finally have a countertop that matches my style. I wonder where else I can set up a Boxy Girl®

Originally from Boston, Silva Emerian is a writer and editor currently living in Central California. Passionate about her faith, family and fashion, she loves good grammar and dark chocolate.

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