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Beauty Professor | Boxy Girl Clear Lucite Makeup Box

By: Aishwarya Singh


In terms of makeup storage, I recently had the opportunity to try a brilliant organizer from Boxy Girl®. The 4-drawer stack with lid offers four formidable drawers for endless product configurations.  
My initial impressions of this organizer are as follows:
  • The Lucite material of the unit feels markedly sturdier and more robust than other boxes I've used.
  • The drawers open and close easily while feeling secure.
  • The drawers are impressively deep, allowing me to layer products and maximize my space.
  • The construction of the box is quality in nature; everything is molded to perfection, with clear seams and no signs of glue. 
  • The material resists scratching and smudging for a more aesthetically pleasing way of storing one's beauty bounty.
All in all, I am over the moon for this unit; the Lucite drawers and solid construction set the Boxy Girl® brand apart from its contemporaries...organizing my products has never been so satisfying!
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