Boxy Girl Makeup Organizer

By: Jessica Scull

If you have an extensive makeup collection like I do, you probably always want to make sure it’s organized so you know what you have, you can SEE what you have and you use it on a regular basis. In comes in Boxy Girl® Makeup Organizer. I had the chance to partner with them to test out their 4 Drawer Boxy With Lid and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. I’ve tried many acrylic organizers in my day and this one is very unique.  The unit comes with 4 very large drawers and an open lid section up top. Most acrylic organizers come in one solid piece, but these drawers nest together so you can stack them up, separate them and insert drawer dividers. It’s totally like LEGO for your makeup! The acrylic is VERY well made and sturdy. When it arrived in the mail, it was double boxed and was VERY WELL WRAPPED in cellophane. To the point where I was struggling and had to call my husband to help me haha. Sketched on the lid is their logo.

Boxy Girl Collaboration with Love For Lacquer Collaboration Beauty Organizer


I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I was going to put in my Boxy Girl®, so right now I have makeup products that are either new or ones I am reaching for the most. This changes constantly and I am always rotating products in and out so I use them.

Boxy Girl with Love For Lacquer Beauty Organizing Tips


In the very first section (Which is the lid) I have my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frosts. They obviously needed their own space because 1) they are HUGE and 2) they are GORGEOUS inside (More to come on them in another post)

Love For Lacquer and Boxy Girl offers tips on stylizing your beauty organizer.


Drawer #2 holds all my favorite highlighting or face products at the moment. You can definitely see there is room left to grow if I organized them in a different way. But I like how they are laid out so I can see everything nicely.

Boxy Girl Clear Lucite Acrylic Makeup Organizer tips with Love For Lacquer

(Contains 8 removable dividers)

Boxy Girl Makeup Box Dividers


Drawer # 3, I inserted 2 of the drawer dividers for a few of my liquid lipsticks. They are very easy to slide in and out. The dividers are great if you don’t want your items to slide all over the place.

Boxy Girl and Love For Lacquer Makeup Box Organizer


And the last drawer holds a few palettes and a pair of lashes.

 Love For Lacquer and Boxy Girl Vanity Clean up Makeup Organizer


You can use your Boxy Girl for SO many things – not just makeup! Sunglasses, Jewelry, Planner Supplies etc. I can’t wait to play around with it more and rearrange products! (Does that make anyone else giddy inside!?)

Boxy Girl® was kind enough to provide you guys with a $10 off discount code – Use LoveForBoxy at checkout on . They also have a unit without a lid and additional stacks that you can purchase if you want to make an extra tall Boxy! 

How do you organize your makeup? Will you be picking up a Boxy Girl Makeup Organizer for yourself?

*Provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own*

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