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Organizing for kids can be both fun and challenging! Creating systems that your little ones can easily follow that are also an aesthetic asset to your home is quite the task! We’ve outlined a few ways to encourage order in your home with the tiniest members of your family.


  1. Simplify your systems | The easier the system is for your little ones to grasp, the more likely they are to follow the organizing path set in front of them. Avoid a multi-step process. For example, we love the headband candelabra featured in the latest Boxy Girl + Structured Aesthetics video. Not only is it insanely creative and a beautiful piece on the vanity, it is so SIMPLE to use.
  2. Use things that are FUN for kids | We love the idea of using Boxy Girl on a little girl’s vanity or bathroom space. This beautiful Lucite organizer is something she would see her mom using, making it fun and imaginative for her. The more exciting an organizational system is for kids, the more likely they will be to use it.
  3. Teach organization through easy identification | Clarity is key. Having a system that is easily identifiable will not only help with organization maintenance, it will help TEACH kids how to organize their own spaces. We love utilizing Boxy Girl for children for this purpose, too. Each drawer allows you to clearly define categories after sorting like-with-like. The ability to see the contents of each drawer also helps children remember and identify what items are being stored.  
  4. Will this system add or detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home? | As a professional organizer, I am constantly asking myself and my clients this question. The systems we set in place should of course add incredible functional to the space, but they should also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home.  


I hope these tips help you create simple, effective, and aesthetically pleasing organizational systems with your little ones. Be sure to follow Boxy Girl® and Structured Aesthetics on social media to keep up with the latest trends in beauty and organization! 

BEFORE YOU GO….did you see our latest Vlog? Head over to the Boxy Girl YouTube Channel for our Boxy Girl® + Structured Aesthetics Vlog Series. Stay tuned because there’s more Boxy Girl® + SA love coming soon….

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