Boxy Girl Believes in You

By: Silva Emerian

I’m a competitive person by nature. I like to win. If we’re playing a game, you’ll want to be on my team. But board games aside, there are a few areas in life where I’m not interested in competition, especially with other women.


For example, men. When I was a teenager, I made a pact with myself that I would never fight with a girl over a guy. No guy is worth that. If my best friend was interested in a guy, she could have him. It just wasn’t worth risking friendships over a man. Sorry Darwin.


Another example is money. Years ago when my father had a massive heart attack I remember thinking that if anything happened to him, I would never fight with my sister over any material possessions. She could have it all for all I cared. I would not let money divide my relationship with my sister. (And it didn’t.)


I realized that because I value the women in my life – whether it’s my sister, my best friend, or a coworker – then I would not allow competition to play into our relationship. If I love these women, then I should want the absolute best for them, even if it requires self-sacrifice. Because ultimately, when the women I care about win at something, I win, too.


I don’t understand why some women feel the need to knock each other down. Why are women so insecure that they cannot stand on their own two feet instead of constantly comparing, criticizing and condemning each other? When did that become okay? Why not uplift each other, encourage and help each other instead?


Boxy Girl® believes in empowering women to be their absolute best. It is a company built by a woman, Hannah Serimian, who seeks to elevate women in business and in life. As a businesswoman and mother, Hannah’s desire is to support and empower other women, as well as to model self-acceptance for her daughters and all the women in her life. Hannah is a mentor to high school students and encourages the interns and employees in her office to think big, dream big, and achieve their goals.


There is power in being united, and Boxy Girl® stands for women being strong, independent and thoughtful of others. There’s enough room at the top for all of us, and we can help each other climb to our personal best. Boxy Girl® believes in you.

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