Why Boxy Girl?

According to a recent study by Stowaway Cosmetics, the average consumer owns at least 40 makeup products. Let’s be real, ladies – counting our skincare and nail care products, we probably own way more than that! Are these products taking over your counter space? Are they spilling out of numerous makeup bags and bathroom drawers? How do you keep all those products organized? Time for Boxy Girl®.

Why Boxy Girl®?


Boxy Girl® will be the only product you need to consolidate your beauty items in a chic and beautiful way. It is Lucite® acrylic that is luscious and strong – it won’t break, crack or discolor like its plastic counterparts. At nearly 13 pounds, Boxy Girl® is built to last.

Do you like variety? Boxy Girl® comes with four stackable trays that you can set tall or wide, with or without a lid. And if you need more trays, you can order them individually to stack to your heart’s content. Boxy Girl® is designed to be versatile and allow for flexibility whatever your specific needs may be. Never search for a missing lipstick or mascara again.

Not only is it practical, it’s affordable. Where else will you find the highest quality make up organizer at half the price of other, inferior products? You don’t want something cheap and bulky cluttering your dressing area. Boxy Girl® is sleek and sexy, refined yet accessible.


Why Boxy? It’s the definition of modern luxury. You’ll wonder how you survived without it. Don’t wait – Get Boxy today.


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