Lets Get Organized

By: Silva Emerian 

Let’s Get Organized 

Whether you’re a multitasking maven or a seeker of the simple life, staying organized brings order and adds a sense of peace to each day. Depending on your personality, this is often easier said than done. 

Getting organized is worth the effort, and the benefits of an orderly life far outweigh the work it takes to get there. Are you always looking for your car keys? Do you lose things easily at home or at the office? Do you dig through your pile of clothes for the perfect sweater, only to find that it’s dirty and needs to be dry cleaned? Are you stuck with that candle or lotion or (fill in the blank) because you lost the receipt to return it? 

Being organized reduces stress, saves time and saves money. But it can be an overwhelming task. One look at the piles of clutter around your home or on your desk and you might want to make a break for it and pray that it will miraculously sort itself out. Have no fear, Boxy Girl® is here to help. 


Manage Your Mind First 

Imagine a home where you can see your countertops… A room with a clear view of the carpet… A desk without piles of papers. Can you see it? Do you want it for yourself and your family? If so, take on the mental and physical challenge of making that vision a reality. This is not the time to procrastinate! Being able to easily find the things you need and not worry about tripping over all the stuff on the floor will reduce your stress and frustration. 

Will it be easy? Will it be fun? Maybe not, but the results will be well worth it. Keep your expectations realistic – no amount of organizing is perfect and it definitely won’t happen overnight. But if you stay focused and take on a little at a time, you will make progress and each beautifully organized and decluttered area will only motivate you to tackle the next project and keep going. 


Get To Work 

You don’t have to organize your entire home or office in one go. Break it down into manageable chunks that fit into your schedule. You may have to make specific time in your day for this, but even ten minutes can make a difference. Maybe you’ll only get through one drawer (that dreaded junk drawer!) or one pile of mail, but that still counts. When you have more time, take on a bigger space or project. 

Many stores have organizational tools to help this process, whether they be bins for your laundry room, drawer dividers for your kitchen utensils, or filing systems for your home office. Boxy Girl® combines function with fashion to provide a sexy yet practical way to organize your makeup, jewelry, desk supplies, crafting tools, and whatever else you can think of! With its stackable drawers and removable dividers, everything you need will be within sight and in its own space. No more makeup shoved to the back of a dark drawer or wasted time looking for a paperclip or Post-It note. Get Boxy and get organized! 


You’ve Got This 

Staying organized and clutter-free is an ongoing process. It’s something you should devote a little bit of time to each day. Sort through your mail as you get it. Put things back where they belong after using them. Spend just five minutes before going to bed walking through your house with a laundry basket and gather up anything that needs to be put away. 

You will likely slip into old habits, but don’t get discouraged. Once you see how much time and money you’ll save by being organized, and the lack of stress in your life because of it, you’ll want to maintain the serenity of order and calm. 

Pick up your Boxy Girl® and get started today. 


Written by Silva Emerian

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